Not Smarter Than a 5-Year-Old, My Son Stole My Toy, and Business People I Love
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Welcome to my week in review aka the ironies of my life

It’s been an interesting and exhausting week, but here are the highlights for your amusement, judgments, critiques, or whatever other feelings that might surface.

My Personal World

House Munchkin antics…

House Munchkins dog Spot is fake just so you knowShe let me know this week at bedtime that stuffed animals are fake. And she said it in that… “how could you not know this gramma?” tone.

And that would be fine, except it came from the same child who says her left foot is a cat and her right foot is a dog… and is regularly talking with them to let them know it’s ok to come out from under various pieces of furniture!! 🙂

House Munchkin with her daddy on the first day of KindergartenOn a more touchy-feely note, she started kindergarten this year. On her first day, mommy cried, aunties cried, daddy and gramma cheered. And the munchkin told mommy she didn’t need to bring the camera with them to the school. By day two, mommy was no longer needed to help her get to the right class… she’s off and running!! It’ll be no time at all before she’s grounded I’m sure!

You can join in her antics (and trust me, there WILL be more!) with me on Instagram.

My son…

This fidget spinner was really well balanced during the 2 seconds I got to spin itI finally broke down and bought a fidget spinner. I decided it was time to see what all the buzz was about. After all, I’m not against fads (I still have several rubik’s cubes, a magic 8 ball, and slinky to prove it!).

I showed it to my son’s girlfriend and she said, “you know he’s gonna give you all kinds of crap for that right?” LOL

Then she went and tattled on me and told him I’d bought one! He got up and came to my room… specifically to make fun of me. I handed it to him and told him to give it a whirl… And I haven’t seen it since!

My Work World…

I’m now officially employed by 4 different companies as a professional driver (soon to be 5), and I barely worked 35 hours this past week. Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy NOT working. But until my blogging life is generating consistent enough income to pay the bills, I must continue on the “road rage” life that is my job (LOVE driving big rigs… hate the constant dodge or die game that non-professional drivers bring to my world!).

Wanna rant with me about crappy drivers? It’s something that regularly comes up on in my Facebook space.

Hey! You try driving 12 hours in a single day around other drivers and THEN you can talk to me about staying calm on the road!!

My Business World…

I have awesome mentors. People I trust and learn from. People who guide me and give me suggestions. People who put me back on the right path when I’m skidding out of control. People who make me smile while I learn from them whom I consider friends. And this week… they’ve all come into play!!

So, I want to acknowledge them here, because they mean the world to me. People like Lynn Terry, Tiffany Lambert, Barb Ling and more.

I also have those people who are entrepreneurs who work on their own schedules. Their business models may be different from mine (I focus on affiliate marketing and my lifestyle blog). But I still learn a ton from them about marketing, online tools that help grow an audience, maintaining momentum when life throws crap at you, and more! But regardless of their mode of income, they live the type of life I’m working myself back towards.

They also keep me laughing daily (even if I just finished screaming at the top of my lungs at some idiot on the road who can’t even hear me!). People like Alice Seba, Arun Chandrun, Liz Tomey, Patti Stafford, Phillip Lopez, Tim Gorman (and yes, even Rory Stern… but shhhhhh, don’t tell him!).

I’ve known a few of these funny entrepreneurs for a while. Some, I’ve just recently been getting to know. But I’ve learned to pick and choose the people I spend my time with wisely (whether offline or on). It assists in moving myself the direction I want!!

I will warn you however, that the entrepreneurial people I choose to friend (and who make me laugh), are typically sarcastic, opinionated, and have limited filters. You’ll want to find those who are like yourself… or you may be offended.

And this past week, while my job has been much more exhausting than usual, these are the folks I’ve spent time with whenever I’ve had a moment, because they keep me focused on growing my audience (and by default, my income), even while I’m tired!

Everyone should have people like this in their lives. It takes time to find them, but they are SO worth hunting down (and even stalking… the online world rocks in that regards!) 😉 😀 And if you’ve even considered starting your own business, but you’re not sure where to start, what you want to do, or how to go about doing it… start with any of those I’ve listed and go from there!

I’d love to hear how your week went!! What antics are YOUR friends and family up to? I know I’m not the only one who has weird and fun stuff going on behind closed doors!! And what about your work life? Do you enjoy what you do? What are the ups and downs? Have you ever thought of venturing out on your own, either full time or even as a side gig? If so, why haven’t you?

Take care,
Debi aka @GenXBrat

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I'm a passionate, down-to-earth gal who spends as much time as possible making fun of myself and the world around me. I'm a big kid with a lot of thoughts that I don't mind sharing AND, I love to teach. Anything. Everything. As long as it's fun.

Warning: I was raised in a VERY sarcastic household so my sense of humor always leans that way. :)

But if I can make you think, make you laugh, or give you a moment to pause... life is good!:D

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7 thoughts on “Not Smarter Than a 5-Year-Old, My Son Stole My Toy, and Business People I Love

  1. Hi Debi!
    I am enjoying reading your blog and hearing what you have been up to.
    You make me smile and even laugh out loud.
    Have a wonderful week.
    Hugs, Pam

    1. Thanks Pam!! I’m so glad you enjoy it!

      I can only hope that my son, his girlfriend, and my house munchkin will always share your appreciation of my using our private, intimate, in-house moments as public entertainment on my blog AND social media! 😉 😀 LOL

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