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Give Up? Quit? Never! That’s NOT a Gen X Trait!
Never Give Up

I came across a blog post today that asked this question: How do you know when you should just give up and realize that what you’re doing isn’t for you?

It got me thinking since I’m new to the whole blogging thing…

In the article, the author asked if there was something we had quit before. Yes, there was. …

Do You Know Where Your Children Are Planking, Owling, Balling, Tea-Potting, Pillaring, or Toothpicking?

This is hilarious so I just had to share since this entire blog will be covering many of the fads that have come and gone over the decades of my life.

I just read a post by a friend and fellow marketer that listed many of the crazy things people are doing today, specifically planking, owling, balling, tea-potting, pillaring, and toothpicking. The only one that I was familiar with (and only due to the fact that my sweetheart loves YouTube) was planking, so I went to Google and looked the rest of them up.

From what I can tell, it appears that all of the newest fads are stemming from people who heard about planking, and are making an attempt to “one up” the fad. …