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Not Smarter Than a 5-Year-Old, My Son Stole My Toy, and Business People I Love

Welcome to my week in review aka the ironies of my life!

It’s been an interesting and exhausting week, but here are the highlights for your amusement, judgments, critiques, or whatever other feelings that might surface.

My House Munchkin’s antics…

She let me know this week at bedtime that stuffed animals are fake. And she said it in that… “how could you not know this gramma?” tone.

And that would be fine, except it came from the same child who says her left foot is a cat and her right foot is a dog… and is regularly talking with them to let them know it’s ok to come out from under various pieces of furniture!!

Sticky Don’t Blow… It’s True!
Canon EOS Rebel T5

I went with my son to the lab the other day… not because he needs mommy to tag along, but he likes the company.

And really, does anyone ENJOY going to the doctor alone!?!

Anyhow, while we’re waiting for him to get called back, he starts telling me about his camera.

Toddler Colds – A Nightmare For Grownups! (and not for the reasons you might expect)
Cold and flu necessities when germ season hits

While 2017 kicked off without a ton of fan fair or mayhem in my house, the month of January is certainly taking its toll!

My house munchkin caught a cold. No big deal right? I looked after her for nearly two weeks without a problem. And yes, I know, all the parenting books and courses and groups talk about how tough it is on our child/grandchild to feel sick. I’m not here to tell you how you should take care of a sick kid.

To hell with that… keep those sneezing, coughing, using their sleeves for a kleenex, snotty-nosed kids as far away from you as possible!!

You May Wanna Check That Your Children Know Their Names!
It's important for kids to know their names so they can put them at the top of their school papers!

It seems like a simple concept right? Kids know their names… especially if they’ve already learned to write… right? Not necessarily… My son was in first grade when I found…

Stop Abusing Your Kids With Food!
Time to Eat

If you don’t want your kids and grandkids to become an obesity statistic or spend their adult lives fighting their weight….

Stop making them clean their plates and stop making them eat because “it’s time”.

It’s “time” when they’re hungry!

Mom Thought… How Will I Survive?

My son just let me know he’s moving 700 miles away from me at the end of July. Kindergarten was easy…. now… I can’t breathe…. Shouldn’t this become easier as…

It’s a Parents Job to Prevent Childhood Obesity!
Active family

We’re supposed to protect our kids… from as much as humanly possible.

And obesity is something that we CAN protect our children from… no excuses!

There’s a TON of information out there (no pun intended), and yet everyone tip toes around (or completely IGNORES) the fact that parents are to blame for the majority of obese children in America!

I Admit It… I’m An Enabler!
The Enabler

Good gosh! Yes, I’m having one of those days. I’m mad. I’m frustrated. I’m in a non-people mood!

And yes, I feel I have the right to be. 🙂

Don’t get me wrong. The only one I have to blame is me. I’ve made choices over the years to be an enabler.

Hi, I’m Debi. And I’m an enabler. (Imagines all the “Hi Debi”s coming from the group). …