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Henna Hair Dye – Lessons I Learned
My Henna Hair Dye Experiment - Start to Finish

I wasn’t sure when it was that I first started looking into how to use henna hair dye, so I checked my email to see when I’d ordered it. It was July of last year.

I’ve spent hours and hours reading different websites so I could reduce the “turn my hair green” factor once I decided to dye my hair. Given how well it turned out, I’m glad I took the time.

If you’re new to using henna hair dye and considering giving it a try, I highly suggest you do the same thing… unless of course you don’t mind having green (or some other weird color) hair for a while!

My Henna Hair Dye Experiment – 24 Hours Later
My Henna Hair Dye Experiment - 24 Hours Later

Obviously we’re on a “let’s discuss my hair” week. It’s not something I planned, but this whole henna dye thing was something that I found scary as well as fascinating. So I figured I’d let you know (and document for my future attempts) what’s going on with it.

So why am I still talking about it 24 hours later? Because I’d read that, unlike chemical hair dyes, henna hair dyes take time to process… yep, it’s a bit strange to me too! But it’s true!

My Henna Hair Dye Experiment – My Hair Isn’t Green!!
After adding Indigo to pure henna, you can dye your hair to a medium brown.

I just finished step two of dying my hair using a 50/50 mix of pure henna and indigo (also known as henndigo).

If you read the first post I did covering step one, you know that my hair had turned a very pretty shade of orange (I never did understand why they called my brother a redhead… IT’S ORANGE!).

My Henna Hair Dye Experiment – Let’s Get This Party Started!
This is what gray does to my medium brown hair... time for it to be gone!

Well today’s the day. I just finished slathering my hair in pure Henna. It’s step one to covering the gray, and step one to becoming the redhead I’ve NEVER wanted to be!

It’s ok. I learned from all my research that using pure Henna as a first step will help a lot to cover the gray I hate so much.

Rose Scented Witch Hazel Inspires a Joke
Thayers Rose Witch Hazel

I just got my new bottle of Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel last week. I laughed when I opened the box because I remembered a conversation my son and I were having a few months back.

I’m not sure how the conversation had gotten started, but I mentioned that Witch Hazel is great for a lot of things, including hemorrhoids (and just so you don’t have to ask…

More Sleep Brings More Under Eye Circles?
Puppy with dark circles around eyes

I work all week and I run just fine on 5-6 hours of sleep each night. I even run a few 20+ hour days and I still look presentable.

So why on those rare days where I get to catch up on some sleep and stay in bed for 10 or 12 hours, do I wake up and spend the day looking like I’ve gotten NO sleep for a week!!

Lots of Supplements But a Few MUST Haves!
MUST Have Supplements

I take quite a few supplements at this point in my life because I want to avoid many of the “as you get older” issues that so many people face. Will they work? I don’t know. But doing nothing doesn’t seem like much of an alternative so…

What I do know is that, while I do take a lot of supplements, there are certain ones that I take without fail, no matter how much of a hurry I’m in!

Using Pure Coconut Oil & Brown Hair Dye to Color Gray Hair
My gray hair

One thing I’ve learned recently is that as I get older (I promise I’ll deny that statement was every made by me if I’m asked), my gray hair isn’t the only issue to contend with. It’s also getting drier in general so it’s time to start watching how I condition my hair as well.

So in addition to looking to get rid of the grays, I’ve also gotta find a way to deep condition in the process and minimize the damage….

Aging – Can We Get a Pass on SOMEthing?!
Annoyed Woman

As I’m adding hair color to my list of things to get at the store, it crosses my mind (yet again) that somewhere along the way, we should get a break.

After all, we’ve spent an entire lifetime dealing with age-appropriate issues.

Acne, menstruation, cramps, pregnancy, childbirth, insomnia and more. All this before the age of 40.

And then, when you finally get to that age and are ready to eliminate some of those things, life has the nerve to hand you a few more!…

Coconut Oil as a Hair Care Product?
Coconut Oil - Great Stuff!

My hair’s been really dry this year. Age is playing a factor I’m sure. But the newest drying agent, besides the dry winter air, is the chlorine from the pool.

I live in Arizona and the complex we live in has a pool right outside my door. Literally, I’m about 25 steps from the gate. And in the winter, it’s heated, so I’ve been going out to swim and relax.

Last night, I decided to test whether using coconut oil as a conditioner would work as great as all the stories I keep reading online. …

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