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Not Smarter Than a 5-Year-Old, My Son Stole My Toy, and Business People I Love

Welcome to my week in review aka the ironies of my life!

It’s been an interesting and exhausting week, but here are the highlights for your amusement, judgments, critiques, or whatever other feelings that might surface.

My House Munchkin’s antics…

She let me know this week at bedtime that stuffed animals are fake. And she said it in that… “how could you not know this gramma?” tone.

And that would be fine, except it came from the same child who says her left foot is a cat and her right foot is a dog… and is regularly talking with them to let them know it’s ok to come out from under various pieces of furniture!!

It’s Not a Strategy, It’s Just an Unusual Way of Doing Things
Am I Normal? Define normal!

I know I’m not the only one who does this kinda crap! The question is, how many others are willing to admit it?! LOL

I have a cleaning “strategy”. Ok, so it’s less of a strategy and more of a “this is how we do it” sort of outcome. There’s no planning involved… It. Just. Happen.

Here’s where it all started…

I went to the bathroom…

The New Year is Here… Onward and Upward!
Welcome to 2017 - Its gonna be a great year!

I wasn’t really looking forward to 2017 this week. Not because I’m not looking forward to a new year getting started. I think it was more because I was expecting to be further along in the healing process of my ankle… and knee.

I mean seriously, I broke myself in February… of LAST year. They originally told me I’d be down six to eight weeks, and I thought THAT was going to be horrid! Now it’s closing in on an entire YEAR!! So I don’t really feel bad about having my damn 2-day pity party!!

McAfee Says My Blog is Malicious – With No Clear Way to Dispute It!
McAfees Red X of Death on my GenXBrat blog

Back in October of last year, my blog got hacked. At that point, I thought @McAfee Site Advisor was a useful tool, since the warning that suddenly popped up saying that my blog was malicious.

I spent the next two weeks getting my blog set back up… installation of backup files, password changes, file cleanup and more.

But the popups keep showing up that say my blog’s malicious, even though everything has been fixed.

Some Days, My Truck Wins
Night Truck Drive in the Desert

You know, when I went into work and found out there wasn’t a load (meaning I’m hauling an empty trailer to Cali), I figured the night was gonna run smooth….

Why Do Rest Areas Use Single-Ply Toilet Paper!
Single Ply Toilet Paper Sucks

As a truck driver, I spend more time at truck stops and rest areas than “normal” people. And while there are differences in rest areas from state to state, obviously they were designed to serve some basic purposes…

If you’ve gotta pee, pull in here, we have toilets. Please don’t water our plants with your biohazard waste materials.

If you’re hungry, we’ve got snacks. And if the machine takes you’re money, there’s no one here to handle it so we’ll just keep the extra funds for our roads… sorry.

If you’re tired, get your sleepy ass off our roads and get some rest. We don’t wanna clean up any more road kill from our roads.

It’s a Parents Job to Prevent Childhood Obesity!
Active family

We’re supposed to protect our kids… from as much as humanly possible.

And obesity is something that we CAN protect our children from… no excuses!

There’s a TON of information out there (no pun intended), and yet everyone tip toes around (or completely IGNORES) the fact that parents are to blame for the majority of obese children in America!

Aging – Can We Get a Pass on SOMEthing?!
Annoyed Woman

As I’m adding hair color to my list of things to get at the store, it crosses my mind (yet again) that somewhere along the way, we should get a break.

After all, we’ve spent an entire lifetime dealing with age-appropriate issues.

Acne, menstruation, cramps, pregnancy, childbirth, insomnia and more. All this before the age of 40.

And then, when you finally get to that age and are ready to eliminate some of those things, life has the nerve to hand you a few more!…

Fear, Anger, Confusion – Take Away Their Guns!… Really?!
Ronald Reagan on gun control

Today, there are WAY too many families in Connecticut grieving over losing their children and their family members. The press is saying that fear, anger, and confusion are the only way to describe how the people in Newtown, Connecticut feel right now.

Those feelings are completely understandable. I cried, and I don’t know anyone directly who died. The fact that someone walked into an elementary school and killed 27 people, most of whom are children… That upsets me.

Having so many people immediately start yelling about how we should control guns and take them away from law-abiding citizens… That pisses me off! …

Genetically Modified Foods… Enough Already!
Monsanto Corn cob

Today’s notable news for me in regards to eating healthy arrived in the form of a G+ post about Monsanto, GMO foods, and the crap that Monsanto’s been creating.

Yes, I said crap.

And I’m guessing that Monsanto will never want to advertise on my blog. I promise you, I won’t lose one bit of sleep over it! …

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