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How to Annoy Me
How to Annoy Me Text at 2am... GenXBrat.com

Send me a text message at 2am to let me know how rude it is of me to not have contacted you all day. Then don’t respond to any of…

A Day Without Wind or Sun?
Wind and Rain

Do people who live in Palm Springs look forward to non-windy days so they can go a day without wind blown hair, like people in Phoenix look forward to a…

Weird Family Conversations… Roadkill & Armadillos
Animated Armadillo - Why do they always land on their backs?

I’ve seen a lot of roadkill over the years as a driver… deer, fox, wolves, skunks, raccoon and more. They’re not always recognizable.

But of all the roadkill I’ve passed, the most curious are armadillos.

Texting While Driving… Some People Should Just Say No
Beware of Humans Texting While Driving

Yes. I’m aware that we’re told NO ONE should text and drive.

Well, I’ve been called a lot of things in my life, but naive has never been one of them!

There are ALWAYS going to be those who will continue, in spite of warnings, laws and scary videos… because they believe they’re safe, careful, or in an ok place to do so… And they can.

When You’re Not Fully Awake Yet…
One Tired Puppy

And you start the day by reaching for the soft soap instead of the toothpaste… You become thankful that you caught it before you started brushing… and you realize it’s…