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Not Smarter Than a 5-Year-Old, My Son Stole My Toy, and Business People I Love

Welcome to my week in review aka the ironies of my life!

It’s been an interesting and exhausting week, but here are the highlights for your amusement, judgments, critiques, or whatever other feelings that might surface.

My House Munchkin’s antics…

She let me know this week at bedtime that stuffed animals are fake. And she said it in that… “how could you not know this gramma?” tone.

And that would be fine, except it came from the same child who says her left foot is a cat and her right foot is a dog… and is regularly talking with them to let them know it’s ok to come out from under various pieces of furniture!!

Sticky Don’t Blow… It’s True!
Canon EOS Rebel T5

I went with my son to the lab the other day… not because he needs mommy to tag along, but he likes the company.

And really, does anyone ENJOY going to the doctor alone!?!

Anyhow, while we’re waiting for him to get called back, he starts telling me about his camera.

Why Did You Eat Your Baby? Yes, Really!!
Kids, especially toddlers, say things you just dont expect... a LOT!

I admit it… this was a new level of child speak for me!

I took the house munchkin out and about with me recently while her mom was in bed sick. While wandering the grocery store, she went about her usual routine of saying hi to everyone she passed (she doesn’t know what a stranger is).

Well, as we were “talking” to people, it was the usual conversation…

Toddler Colds – A Nightmare For Grownups! (and not for the reasons you might expect)
Cold and flu necessities when germ season hits

While 2017 kicked off without a ton of fan fair or mayhem in my house, the month of January is certainly taking its toll!

My house munchkin caught a cold. No big deal right? I looked after her for nearly two weeks without a problem. And yes, I know, all the parenting books and courses and groups talk about how tough it is on our child/grandchild to feel sick. I’m not here to tell you how you should take care of a sick kid.

To hell with that… keep those sneezing, coughing, using their sleeves for a kleenex, snotty-nosed kids as far away from you as possible!!

Guess What I’m Doing This Saturday – Nope, It’s NOT Gonna Be Fun!
Seems age 50 is the magic number when they want you to get your colon checked out. For those like me, who dont have xray vision, heres what it looks like!

If you know what this is an x-ray of, you’re probably over the age of 50, know someone who is, or have possibly had colon issues.

I had a colonoscopy done in my late 20’s or early 30’s. I don’t remember a single thing I can list as fun! I do remember the doctor explaining to me how most people’s colons go up, across, and back down, but that there are a few select people (I’m a lucky one amongst them!) who have a colon that, instead of going straight across behind our hearts, it does this little loop-de-loop type thing. He said he’d really love to have a chance to do a study on it.

Some Fathers Make Better Uncles – Mine is One of Those
Better as an uncle than a father - but who really cares why?

Yes I know… uncles get to be more fun because the nieces and nephews aren’t their own kids. But that’s not what I’m talking about. My father has four kids… but as far as I know, I was the only one he abused (mom divorced him before he ever had a chance to do the same to my brother).

My father sucked as a dad… at least as mine… he was scary, abusive, and hurtful.

My Henna Hair Dye Experiment – 24 Hours Later
My Henna Hair Dye Experiment - 24 Hours Later

Obviously we’re on a “let’s discuss my hair” week. It’s not something I planned, but this whole henna dye thing was something that I found scary as well as fascinating. So I figured I’d let you know (and document for my future attempts) what’s going on with it.

So why am I still talking about it 24 hours later? Because I’d read that, unlike chemical hair dyes, henna hair dyes take time to process… yep, it’s a bit strange to me too! But it’s true!

Did I Mention I Was Blonde… Once?
From medium brown to a blonde I didn't want in 45 minutes flat!

While I was doing my henna hair experiment this past weekend, I remembered the one time (thankfully VERY long ago) when I’d gone completely blonde.

When I was younger, I occasionally decided to highlight my hair… summer was always a good time for it. Lemon juice was originally what I used, until the SunIn hair lightener hit store shelves (lemon in a bottle)!

My Henna Hair Dye Experiment – My Hair Isn’t Green!!
After adding Indigo to pure henna, you can dye your hair to a medium brown.

I just finished step two of dying my hair using a 50/50 mix of pure henna and indigo (also known as henndigo).

If you read the first post I did covering step one, you know that my hair had turned a very pretty shade of orange (I never did understand why they called my brother a redhead… IT’S ORANGE!).

My Henna Hair Dye Experiment – Let’s Get This Party Started!
This is what gray does to my medium brown hair... time for it to be gone!

Well today’s the day. I just finished slathering my hair in pure Henna. It’s step one to covering the gray, and step one to becoming the redhead I’ve NEVER wanted to be!

It’s ok. I learned from all my research that using pure Henna as a first step will help a lot to cover the gray I hate so much.

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