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Toddler Colds – A Nightmare For Grownups! (and not for the reasons you might expect)
Cold and flu necessities when germ season hits

While 2017 kicked off without a ton of fan fair or mayhem in my house, the month of January is certainly taking its toll!

My house munchkin caught a cold. No big deal right? I looked after her for nearly two weeks without a problem. And yes, I know, all the parenting books and courses and groups talk about how tough it is on our child/grandchild to feel sick. I’m not here to tell you how you should take care of a sick kid.

To hell with that… keep those sneezing, coughing, using their sleeves for a kleenex, snotty-nosed kids as far away from you as possible!!

Showering With a Broken Ankle – You CAN Keep Dry!!
SEAL-TIGHT Cast Cover for Showering

I never had a cast for my broken ankle. The Emergency Room doctor put me in a fiberglass cast initially (partial casting for the back and sides). But my Orthopedic Surgeon put me into a boot straight from surgery.

I’m thinking he saw “newbie” written all over my face when I walked in the door and thought, “Good grief! If I put her in a cast, she’s gonna dissolve it in the shower and I’ll be redoing it! At least in a boot she can blow dry the insert!

And given my showering track record the first time through, he’d have been right if that was his thinking!!

Ankle Surgery #2 – Guess He Wanted to Give Me Another Run At It!
Broken ankle surgery #2 - From over-reduced to starting over.

My orthopedic surgeon (OS) did my second surgery on Tuesday afternoon to correct his over-correction. His physician assistant (PA) said he came out of the room looking really pleased and…

Broken Ankle – Independent to Useless in One Step
Broken Ankle (Bimalleolar Fracture) - From Break to Splint

So many of you have asked where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to. I’m finally coherent enough to explain.

On February 26, I fell off the back of my pickup truck and broke my ankle… both bones in my left foot plus a torn ligament. In less than one minute, my life was turned upside down. Not as bad as some people’s, because I know I have friends tackling much worse things, but it’s definitely taken a turn for the worse.

A Day at the Park (Broken Ankle and All)
Riverview Park in Mesa AZ

I went to the park yesterday with my man and his grandkids.

Since I broke my ankle, they’ve come to visit and we hang out at the house drawing. And each time the get here, they ask me when if I’m still hurt.

Today when they came over, I let them know I finally got permission to walk (6 days ago), but that I was going to be slow for a bit still.

I Survived the “Procedure”… I Think
Once the surgical team is ready to do your procedure, you have no idea whats gonna happen!

Yep. Last week I finally made it in to get that dreaded “procedure” done. You know the one… that procedure that no one wants to talk about… EVER!

Well, I’m not shy so here it is. Yes, I got a colonoscopy done. Go ahead. You can say it. I promise it wont hurt. If you’re sitting at the dinner table, you may want to wait till later. Of course, if you’re sitting at the dinner table, you shouldn’t be reading this anyway unless you’re alone. Otherwise it’s rude!! 🙂

Guess What I’m Doing This Saturday – Nope, It’s NOT Gonna Be Fun!
Seems age 50 is the magic number when they want you to get your colon checked out. For those like me, who dont have xray vision, heres what it looks like!

If you know what this is an x-ray of, you’re probably over the age of 50, know someone who is, or have possibly had colon issues.

I had a colonoscopy done in my late 20’s or early 30’s. I don’t remember a single thing I can list as fun! I do remember the doctor explaining to me how most people’s colons go up, across, and back down, but that there are a few select people (I’m a lucky one amongst them!) who have a colon that, instead of going straight across behind our hearts, it does this little loop-de-loop type thing. He said he’d really love to have a chance to do a study on it.

Henna Hair Dye – Lessons I Learned
My Henna Hair Dye Experiment - Start to Finish

I wasn’t sure when it was that I first started looking into how to use henna hair dye, so I checked my email to see when I’d ordered it. It was July of last year.

I’ve spent hours and hours reading different websites so I could reduce the “turn my hair green” factor once I decided to dye my hair. Given how well it turned out, I’m glad I took the time.

If you’re new to using henna hair dye and considering giving it a try, I highly suggest you do the same thing… unless of course you don’t mind having green (or some other weird color) hair for a while!

My Chiropractor Loves Me Because…
Woman with Shoulder Pain

Yes Dr. Reed. I DID just have a 4-day weekend. No sitting for 10 hours behind the wheel of a truck for me!! Oh, what did I do during my…

Rose Scented Witch Hazel Inspires a Joke
Thayers Rose Witch Hazel

I just got my new bottle of Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel last week. I laughed when I opened the box because I remembered a conversation my son and I were having a few months back.

I’m not sure how the conversation had gotten started, but I mentioned that Witch Hazel is great for a lot of things, including hemorrhoids (and just so you don’t have to ask…

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