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Lots of Supplements But a Few MUST Haves!
MUST Have Supplements

I take quite a few supplements at this point in my life because I want to avoid many of the “as you get older” issues that so many people face. Will they work? I don’t know. But doing nothing doesn’t seem like much of an alternative so…

What I do know is that, while I do take a lot of supplements, there are certain ones that I take without fail, no matter how much of a hurry I’m in!

Anything Else You Wanna Throw My Way?!
Emotional Stress

I truly don’t know where my life decided to temporarily turn upside down, yet it has. I know it’s a minor setback, but I prefer to take on major life changes over a longer period of time than a few years. In spite of everything, I’m fairly sane…MOST days (Ok so fine, it might depend on who you ask).

On those days that I feel like I’ve completely been run over by the semi-truck that I drive, I buy lots of chocolate and have a (thankfully) short “pity-party”. …