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Using Pure Coconut Oil & Brown Hair Dye to Color Gray Hair
My gray hair

One thing I’ve learned recently is that as I get older (I promise I’ll deny that statement was every made by me if I’m asked), my gray hair isn’t the only issue to contend with. It’s also getting drier in general so it’s time to start watching how I condition my hair as well.

So in addition to looking to get rid of the grays, I’ve also gotta find a way to deep condition in the process and minimize the damage….

Coconut Oil as a Hair Care Product?
Coconut Oil - Great Stuff!

My hair’s been really dry this year. Age is playing a factor I’m sure. But the newest drying agent, besides the dry winter air, is the chlorine from the pool.

I live in Arizona and the complex we live in has a pool right outside my door. Literally, I’m about 25 steps from the gate. And in the winter, it’s heated, so I’ve been going out to swim and relax.

Last night, I decided to test whether using coconut oil as a conditioner would work as great as all the stories I keep reading online. …