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Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep… Really!?!
The thoughts that keep us awake wouldn't be so bad if they were useful!

Good gosh! All those thoughts that start when you lay down to sleep for the night! You know the ones I’m talking about… the useless, good for nothing BUT keeping you awake thoughts that you just can’t get rid of… Like they couldn’t have come to mind while you were wandering through your day and awake anyway!?! Of course not!!

To add insult to injury (and lack of beauty sleep), most of the time, they’re not even productive thoughts! Take for instance when I couldn’t get to sleep earlier this week. Was I thinking about world peace or how to change my life into the type of life I’ve dreamed of… of course not.

I’m NO Spring Chicken!
Sleeping WAY too many hours

I slept 18 hours Friday night and another 14 last night. I remember when those days happened by choice, not as a necessity to recover from my job!

It’s time to get consistent again so I can move towards my goal of getting off the truck and back to working from the comfort of home!