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My Chiropractor Loves Me Because…
Woman with Shoulder Pain

Yes Dr. Reed. I DID just have a 4-day weekend. No sitting for 10 hours behind the wheel of a truck for me!! Oh, what did I do during my…

Rose Scented Witch Hazel Inspires a Joke
Thayers Rose Witch Hazel

I just got my new bottle of Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel last week. I laughed when I opened the box because I remembered a conversation my son and I were having a few months back.

I’m not sure how the conversation had gotten started, but I mentioned that Witch Hazel is great for a lot of things, including hemorrhoids (and just so you don’t have to ask…

Aging – Can We Get a Pass on SOMEthing?!
Annoyed Woman

As I’m adding hair color to my list of things to get at the store, it crosses my mind (yet again) that somewhere along the way, we should get a break.

After all, we’ve spent an entire lifetime dealing with age-appropriate issues.

Acne, menstruation, cramps, pregnancy, childbirth, insomnia and more. All this before the age of 40.

And then, when you finally get to that age and are ready to eliminate some of those things, life has the nerve to hand you a few more!…

Healthy Choices for 2014
Healthy Life

I’ve never been one to set New Year’s Resolutions. I mean really, when you’re out enjoying the holiday parties, who wants to spend time thinking about how you’re going to make the next year of your life better (and typically by restricting what you do)?!

But… having said that, I am one of those people who prefers to be proactive about my health rather than wait till something bad happens… that whole “preventive medicine” thing! …

Genetically Modified Foods… Enough Already!
Monsanto Corn cob

Today’s notable news for me in regards to eating healthy arrived in the form of a G+ post about Monsanto, GMO foods, and the crap that Monsanto’s been creating.

Yes, I said crap.

And I’m guessing that Monsanto will never want to advertise on my blog. I promise you, I won’t lose one bit of sleep over it! …