Christmas 2011
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Patio Christmas LightsThis year was much better than last. We got the Christmas lights put up on the patio…gorgeous if I do say so myself!

My son was healthy for the most part (coughing up a storm but we believe he’ll live… he’s gonna let me know if he feels that’s changing!).

Z got to relax and seemed very content with the fact that I made chicken and real mashed potatoes on top of putting together a huge pot of Posole.

And even though the day was quiet and none of us had bought any Christmas presents, it was a great day.

The biggest obstacle to overcome was the fact that I hadn’t grocery shopped beforehand because we worked till Saturday afternoon, and then couldn’t find any stores open on Christmas Day. ┬áThankfully we found the Ranch Market on Central & Southern. It was open and had all the stuff needed to make a proper Christmas dinner and Christmas cookies!

It helped that we ended up not having to work today. That gave me time to make Monster Cookies and sugar cookie dough for New Year’s weekend.

Now it’s time to relax and get ready to go back to the job tomorrow. Merry Christmas everyone!

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