Who Bought You Flowers?
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I want to share with you a glimpse into my personal relationship. We’re dating. We’re not dating. We used to date and now… Aw hell! For the sake of this post, I’m just gonna leave it at “It’s complicated.


You Seriously Didnt Notice“The” man came by today on his way home from work. He was checking on me because he’d called 5 times and I wasn’t picking up.

Typically if the phone rings once, I’m awake. If it rings twice in a row, I’m awake enough to know to check who it is if I don’t already know from the ringtone. But it’s been a long week. I got 2 hours sleep Monday, 4 hours Tuesday, and 5 yesterday. I do really well on 5-6 each day, but it eventually catches up.

So today, obviously, I was sleeping soundly. (Not a good thing from the standpoint that I also didn’t hear my alarm so I had only 45 minutes to get my act together and get out the door).

Here’s the part of the conversation I wanted to share, and you need to know that he says these things with a VERY straight face (but yes, I do know he’s kidding because well, I’ve known him a few years, and this is what we do):

Him: (in his usual serious, quiet voice) Pretty flowers. Who gave them to you?

Me: (still waking up): What?

Him: Who brought you the flowers? JUAN? (Juan is my imaginary lover) 🙂

Me: Are you serious?

Him: Yeeees… I need to know WHO I have to kill.

Me: Well, that would be the masculine side of ME.

Him: What?! I don’t even understand that…

Me: I bought them for myself babe. In fact, they were already on the table when you stopped by earlier this week.

Him: NO they weren’t! I would have noticed! (In 8 years, the man rarely notices what I JUST said to him!) 😀

Me: You want the receipt that has the date and timestamp?

Him: No. I want the name of the guy I have to kill.

Me: Ok, his name is Whole Foods. He lives about 3 miles up the road. Want the address?

Him: I KNOW they weren’t here when I came over!

Me: I know babe…

The way this man can make me laugh is a HUGE reason why he’s still in my life in spite of all “complications”.

I’m sure there will be many more of these conversations down the road.

And by the way, I checked my Instagram account. I posted these flowers the day I bought them… and he’s been by twice since Monday. Oh, and it turned out that I didn’t end up having to work since LAX didn’t have any freight to bring over.

Yay! I love when I have more time to talk about my family, friends and loved ones online!!

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Debi aka @GenXBrat

p.s. Does your “other” do things like this to keep you laughing? Feel free to share in the comments below… I promise I won’t tell them you’re talking about them behind their backs! 😀

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Warning: I was raised in a VERY sarcastic household so my sense of humor always leans that way. :)

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