Ankle Surgery #2 – Guess He Wanted to Give Me Another Run At It!
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My orthopedic surgeon (OS) did my second surgery on Tuesday afternoon to correct his over-correction.

His physician assistant (PA) said he came out of the room looking really pleased and even said it gave him “warm fuzzies” for how it turned out. And while I personally didn’t find anything warm OR fuzzy about it, I’ll take that as a good sign that all will heal well this time!

When I went in, I had two plates and 12 screws (the photo on the left above). When all was said and done, I came out with one plate, eight screws, and two wires.

And as I’m writing this I’m remembering that I’d asked for the hardware and they said yes, but then didn’t get it to me!!

Not cool! They’ve now seriously put a damper on my wall collage idea!

The pain was bad enough after surgery that they kept me in the hospital for the night. And given that I was getting two Percocet every four hours with a Morphine chaser in between, I’m glad I stayed! Being at home trying to control the pain on my own would’ve just been miserable!

Now I’m home. It’s Percocet every four hours with food… and lots of sleep.

And a serious case of dejavu!!

Have you ever had to have a break that was healed, cut and reset? Did recovery seem better or worse the second time through? Let me know in the comments. So far, even though I had to be admitted, it feels as if it’s going better. But that could be because I knew more about what to expect!

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