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Emotional StressI truly don’t know where my life decided to temporarily turn upside down, yet it has. I know it’s a minor setback, but I prefer to take on major life changes over a longer period of time than a few years. In spite of everything, I’m fairly sane…MOST days (Ok so fine, it might depend on who you ask).

On those days that I feel like I’ve completely been run over by the semi-truck that I drive, I buy lots of chocolate and have a (thankfully) short “pity-party”.

So let’s give a brief rundown of what’s happened over the past few years. Don’t worry, I’ll fill you in on what it was before this too…after all, how else will you gain perspective on why I felt that I had to find something to call the whirlwind crazy and ever-surprising events in my world…“TazDoodles” or how I’ve managed to stay fairly sane in spite of it all?

During the past few years I’ve lost my ability to…

* Read a book without “granny” reading glasses

* Control my bladder if I sneeze or jump

* Sit with my feet under my ass for longer than 30 minutes before my legs fall asleep.

I’ve lost my home, my truck, my most favorite loving dog at the very young age of 8 (the dog, not me), a grandchild, and my son’s respect.

My best friend (who is also my son’s Godmom and the closest thing I’ve ever had to a sister) was diagnosed with oral cancer. My boyfriend’s dogs had to be taken to the pound and left behind with the full knowledge that they would be put to sleep within 4 days if no one adopted them. And I had to have an ovarian cyst removed (which I had done on a Christmas Eve no less).

Most recently, the doctors have found bon my other ovary and several cysts in both of my breasts that we’re “watching”, along with bladder issues.

We (and I say we because I’m very proactive with my health and work WITH my doctors) have run several tests to rule out a couple of possibilities. We have more tests planned in the near future since the initial tests came out negative for what they were testing for.

I find that to be both good and not as good news, simply because I know there’s something wrong…yet no one has a clue what.

I’ve had friends ask how I manage to keep it together without doing something foolish with the firearm I own (I’m not sure how to take that question…do they think I’m depressed, crazy, or just very angry and worried that I might go postal?!)

What’s funny is I really have no solid answer to that question, other than the fact that I like me, and I like being on this Earth.

God gave me my mom’s sense of humor and even with all the crap that life dumped on her throughout her lifetime, she always kept a positive attitude and kept moving forward.

I believe I’ll do the same!


p.s. I know that different people use different methods for stress reduction. I’m always open to new ideas and suggestions so please, feel free to share!

I'm a passionate, down-to-earth gal who spends as much time as possible making fun of myself and the world around me. I'm a big kid with a lot of thoughts that I don't mind sharing AND, I love to teach. Anything. Everything. As long as it's fun.

Warning: I was raised in a VERY sarcastic household so my sense of humor always leans that way. :)

But if I can make you think, make you laugh, or give you a moment to pause... life is good!:D

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