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Seriously!?! It’s Egg Peeling!

I do a lot of really dumb things in my kitchen that get me burnt, cut or injured in some way, shape or form. But this is definitely a first……

Low Carb (Baked) Chicken Wings – “Hot” & “Parmesan” Style
Baked wings parmesan closeup

Several weeks ago, I decided it was time to make hot wings. Not that I had ANY idea how to cook them mind you. But I REALLY like them. I was REALLY craving some. And I REALLY didn’t wanna go out to get them!

This is how I decide what’s worth my time to learn how to cook.

I started searching through Pinterest and found a recipe on for Crispy Baked Chicken Wings. They looked really crispy and definitely cooked like you’d expect hot wings to be done.

Even Ice Cubes are Dangerous in My Kitchen!

Most people I know, myself included, are smart enough to know that if you’re in the kitchen without shoes, and you drop a knife, you should move your feet away from where the knife is falling… and FAST!

I think that’s something we learn as kids… or maybe it’s just a natural self-preservation instinct.

Cheddar Bay Biscuits – Look Out Red Lobster!
Red Lobster Style Cheddar Bay Biscuits Copycat Recipe

My son and I used to go to Red Lobster almost weekly when he was younger. And while we ordered different entrees (he preferred the popcorn shrimp while I’m a huge fan of their crab legs), we both agreed that the Cheddar Bay Biscuits they served were the best we’d ever tasted and even if that’s ALL we ate, we’d both go home happy!

Nowadays we don’t go as often (college, work and girlfriend time has taken over), but we do miss those biscuits! So, I went on a search to find out if there might be a comparable recipe out there… preferably one that even I, the master NON-chef, could pull off.

Lasagna! Yep, Made by Me!
Gen X Brat Lasagna Recipe

No, I’m not a chef. In fact, if you ask those who know me best they will flat out tell you… I don’t even like to cook. There are, however, a few recipes I don’t mind making here and there, as long as I can find someone willing to do the dishes and help with clean up.

Lasagna is one of those recipes I finally figured out (and it turned out great if I do say so myself!).

So, for those of you “non-cooks” like me, here’s a fairly simple one that turns out really well and actually impresses people. …

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