Do You Know Where Your Children Are Planking, Owling, Balling, Tea-Potting, Pillaring, or Toothpicking?
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This is hilarious so I just had to share since this entire blog will be covering many of the fads that have come and gone over the decades of my life.

I just read a post by a friend and fellow marketer that listed many of the crazy things people are doing today, specifically planking, owling, balling, tea-potting, pillaring, and toothpicking. The only one that I was familiar with (and only due to the fact that my sweetheart loves YouTube) was planking, so I went to Google and looked the rest of them up.

From what I can tell, it appears that all of the newest fads are stemming from people who heard about planking, and are making an attempt to “one up” the fad.

Personally, I’m not sure that I would ever become a planker but hey, since Alzheimer’s is so prevalent in my family, it’s always possible that I could completely lose my mind and decide differently down the road.

By the way, while I think that most of them are really fun variations of the whole planking theme, to those of you who are “pillaring“… I would highly suggest switching to a different style. There’s truly nothing new, fun, more interesting, or dangerous about doing what all of us have done our entire lives while traveling with her parents, which is standing on anything we can find to stand on (especially those things that we’re not SUPPOSED to be standing on), while mom and dad snap photos of us making stupid faces.

One major difference that I can see however, is that the photos that mom and dad were taking of us were the ones that inevitably showed up at family gatherings… typically where we had arrived with a boy/girl that we were trying to impress. “Pillar People”, on the other hand, are INTENTIONALLY putting stupid pictures of themselves online for the world to see. Maybe they already have spouses…or simply don’t care if they ever do…hmmm. 🙂

There is one thing I’m curious about though. Which generation started these? Is it the baby boomers trying to relive their childhood? Is it the Gen Xers attempting to outdo the baby boomers again? Or is it the Gen Y group once again doing really stupid stuff that has all the other generations standing around once again saying “why?”

We may never know…well, not until some moron decides to waste more tax dollars on some stupid study to figure it out! What ever happened to old-fashioned debates and theories?!

Of course all of this is just MY observations and opinions… so “pillar” on!

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One thought on “Do You Know Where Your Children Are Planking, Owling, Balling, Tea-Potting, Pillaring, or Toothpicking?

  1. Thanks foe the interesting article on Pillaring.

    Pillaring was created as the ultimate piss take of planking. It’s just standing. But it’s also very safe after a flat-out queenslander died planking.

    Comejoin in the fun on Facebook.

    Pillar the original pillarers

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