One Day and My Plant Already Needs a Name Change!
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Update: She has a name… and it shall be “Snow”. LOL Not only that, here’s her very first flower. Not sure if they’re supposed to open more or what. We’ll see. But she flowered!!!
Magnolia aka Snow First flower
I KNEW if I asked around I could find someone with a good idea for a name!

My Mothers Day MagnoliaI bought a plant yesterday. For those of you who know me well and are aware of my severe lack of a green thumb, you may think I’ve lost my mind. I haven’t (that I know of).

I bought it for a couple of reasons. One, it’s Mother’s Day and I wanted to get myself something special. And two, in theory, they’re easier to take care of than a live animal. Who knows? Maybe they are for some people. Regardless, as much as I’d love to bring a new ferret home, I’ve sworn not to do so until I’m financially stable enough with my business to be able to completely leave my job so that I’m home regularly!

Anyway, when I got home with my lovely new plant, I sent a text to a friend who names EVERYTHING. I told her that, since I understand that plants do better if you talk to them, that this one needed a name. It had to be one that I liked and, more importantly, one I could remember.

We started with Susan. But, since the thing is supposed to produce pretty white flowers, assuming it survives that long, Susan just didn’t feel right. I was looking for something more “Princess like“.

After a bit of deliberation, we decided that Bridget would be a good name.

Already there’s an issue!

I really like the name, and I know it’s something that I could remember, but then I discovered a dilemma. It’s a girls name. And while I understand that plants producing flowers should probably have a female name, I know ME.

I’ve spent most of my entire life hanging out with guys. I had one close female friend all through high school. The rest were guys.

As an adult, the majority of my jobs and career choices have also been male-dominated. For those of you like my mom, who think that’s not “proper”, you’ll be happy to know that as an adult, I have also acquired a few more close female friends. 🙂

My concern for my plant is that, with a female name, I’ll keep ignoring it, for the same reason I don’t speak to a lot of females in general. I know the first time it gets a catty attitude, I’m gonna stick it outside in the sun!

NOT something that will help it to thrive or flower, I’m sure.

Coming Up With a Compromise

I spent some time thinking about a good compromise that would deal with the fact that a flowering plant SHOULD have a girls name, while also dealing with my screwed up mental inability of regularly coming home and having to speak to a female.

You know, one of those unisex names that are appropriate for a boy or girl? Tony, Bobby, or Charlie… Or maybe a shortened nickname?

It’s a magnolia so maybe I can call it Maggie or Lia? Those DO seem a bit more appropriate for a flowering plant, eh?

I so suck at naming things! I was still deciding on a name for my son WHILE I was in labor, and was relieved to find out that I had three days AFTER he was born to make the final decision!

So, I’m gonna put this post out to my family and friends and see what they come up with. I’m sure I’ll get enough responses to find SOMETHING I like!

Besides, if I get help with naming it from other people, I won’t have to completely blame myself for choosing the wrong name and having THAT play a part in its death too!!

I’ll update this post once I’ve decided on a name.

Until then,
Debi aka @GenXBrat

p.s. Do you name your plants? Do you talk to them and believe it truly helps or am I just wasting my time having conversations with the thing?!

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