Netrition has Russell Stover Sugar Free Chocolates!!
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Yesterday I ordered low carb bagels from I like using them because the prices are typically lower than what I find at Amazon, and they have a flat shipping rate of $4.99 no matter how much I order.

Today, I was looking at online prices for Russell Stover Sugar Free candies.

Initially, I found them to be less expensive at the Russell Stover site vs Amazon…. until I got to the shipping page. It was ridiculously high (in my opinion)… more than my actual order!

So I went back to my search. The thing is, I can buy them from my local grocery store. But they’re not always on sale, like right now, so I went looking to see if I could have them delivered for about the same price as picking them up at the store.

Well, Netrition showed up in my next search. They have a lot of low carb products that I’ve checked out, but I didn’t even know they carried these over there! The prices are lower than Amazon, even with the shipping cost (because I order other things over there that I’m paying the shipping for already). Amazon does offer most of them under their “free shipping for orders over $35” plan too if you regularly order from Amazon.

I just wish I’d thought to look when I was placing my bagel order!! Live and learn right? 🙂

Russell Stover Sugar Free CandyAnd in case you haven’t tried them and would like to, I’ll tell you that my most favorite ones are the Toffee Squares! They’re crunchy if you start chewing them and get sort of a sticky chewy as you go… Yum! You can also suck on them if you prefer (I do sometimes when I want the flavor to last longer). They last quite a while and the flavor is awesome. I thought that maybe since they were sugar free, the sweetener might cause them to crumble or would leave an aftertaste. I was pleasantly surprised when it didn’t.

My other Russell Stover favorites, in order of preference, are the

  • Peanut Butter Crunch (a close relative of the Butterfinger candy as far as its texture)
  • Chocolate Mint (which tastes just like York Peppermint patties)
  • Pecan Delights (which are essentially, sugar free Turtles)

I’ve also tried the Peanut Butter Cups, but to me, they taste NOTHING like Reeses!!

They have many other flavors too, but since I haven’t tried them, I’m not sure about the taste equivalents. Here are just a few:

  • Coconut (Mounds bar?)
  • Caramels & Crispies (Nestle Crunch bars maybe?)
  • Nougie Nutty Chew and Chocolate Truffle (I have NO idea on either)

Oh, and for you dark chocolate lovers, they also make Dark Chocolate Pecan Delights.

WARNING:  There are many people in the low carb group I’m in who say they either can’t eat them at all, or can only eat a few at a time, because the artificial sweetener sends them running to the restroom. (I suppose I’m one of the lucky ones, because they don’t cause me any issues.)

More than likely, I’ll stick with the few I like best, although I may eventually break down and test out the chocolate cover peanuts. I love nuts!

Take care!
Debi aka @GenXBrat

p.s. Have you eaten any of these? I’d love to know if the other ones are like the candies they mimic or not (like the Peanut Butter Cup ones… yuck!). 🙂

p.p.s. If you haven’t had them before, head over to Amazon to read the reviews first (if nothing else, you’ll get a good laugh for the day), but then order them at Netrition if you decide you may like them.

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