Loving all My Personalities…Group Hug!!
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Multiple smileysMy son thinks I have several people living inside me… and not all of them are sane. He’s probably right…but as I’ve explained to him, as long as they all keep communicating with each other we’ll be fine… =)

I’ve always had people telling me I’m crazy. Not in a “call the men in the white coats” kinda way. It’s more of the “I can’t believe she just did/said that!” kinda way.

I think I’m just not willing to give up my inner child. And as an adult, you can’t make me! 🙂

Here’s who I am…at least as I’m aware. I could have more personalities hiding inside, but they haven’t made themselves known regularly yet so, for today:

1. The mom – This is the protector of all those I love. The gal who will tear your heart out and feed it to the critters outside if you harm my family or friends. The one who still rubs my son’s head when I walk by him because he smiles when I do it (he’s nearly 26). The one who’s willing to clean up the messes that the men in my life leave around because that’s what mom’s do (and then of course I tell them what slobs I think they are). 🙂

2. The worker – This is the one who always shows up when needed. The one who works herself into the ground just because the job has to be done. The one who hasn’t called in sick for over 20 years because that’s just not the way I was brought up. The one who gets mad at people who won’t do their jobs right because I was raised on the “If you’re gonna do it, you may as well do it right the first time.” principle and believe everyone else should follow that code too.

3. The girlfriend – This is the one who is affectionate. The one who loves to snuggle up close to the man she loves because it feels safe in his arms… and I love that feeling. The one who gives quick kisses or hugs at work or at home or anywhere else… just because I can (and I used to despise PDAs!).

4. The child – This is the one who has no problem making a complete fool of herself in public. The one who doesn’t care if people stare because I’m stomping barefoot in the puddles outside after it’s rained. The one who laughs when I fall up a set of stairs (I prefer falling up vs. down!). The one who will suddenly do a cartwheel as I’m going down the street just because I finally found a soft grassy area to play in. The one who sticks her tongue out and then smiles just because it makes a kid laugh when his mom’s too busy to pay attention to him.

5. The brat – This is the one who wants things her way. The one who thinks that the world should revolve around her and what she wants. The one who gets annoyed when she orders food a certain way and the order’s wrong when it arrives. The one who thinks everyone should want to see the same movie she does. The one who thinks everyone should agree with her opinions about life in general (thankfully the more sane personality welcomes other people’s opinions!). Just ignore her when she throws a tantrum…she’ll get over it!

Wow…only 5 today… I won’t have to pack as big a lunch…yay me!! We better get going…

Warm regards,




p.s. My question is… who are YOU today? (And don’t listen to that voice in your head telling you it’s only you in there…(s)he’s wrong!) Let me know (I promise I won’t tell my evil twin!)

And why do people care if I talk to myself?! It’s not like they’re the ones who have to come up with the answers!


I'm a passionate, down-to-earth gal who spends as much time as possible making fun of myself and the world around me. I'm a big kid with a lot of thoughts that I don't mind sharing AND, I love to teach. Anything. Everything. As long as it's fun.

Warning: I was raised in a VERY sarcastic household so my sense of humor always leans that way. :)

But if I can make you think, make you laugh, or give you a moment to pause... life is good!:D

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