My Henna Hair Dye Experiment – 24 Hours Later
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Obviously we’re on a “let’s discuss my hair” week. It’s not something I planned, but this whole henna dye thing was something that I found scary as well as fascinating. So I figured I’d let you know (and document for my future attempts) what’s going on with it.

So why am I still talking about it 24 hours later? Because I’d read that, unlike chemical hair dyes, henna hair dyes take time to process… yep, it’s a bit strange to me too! But it’s true!

Check this out… I’ve got side-by-side pics of what my hair looked like when I finished yesterday and what it looks like exactly 24 hours later.

After adding Indigo to pure henna, you can dye your hair to a medium brown.My first Henna hair dye job - 24 hours later

The oddest thing about this whole henna experiment for me, isn’t the color changes. It’s the fact that what I see in the mirror and what I see in pictures don’t match. The pictures show this really awesome deep, dark orange and then the exact warm, medium brown I was looking for. But the mirror shows me a bright orange mess and then a much darker, almost black, coloring.

Something else I can’t explain… but I’m sure I’ll have to go Google it before it drives me crazy!!

So there you have it. My very first attempt at using henna hair dye. From what I understand, it doesn’t fade at all, and each time I use it, it will simply make my hair darker. There’s also another item I bought that’s strictly for a conditioning effect. I’ll probably test that out next weekend (I’m going to give what I’ve already done some more time to see if it darkens any further. Hell, I may have BLACK hair by the weekend!! 🙂

By the way, if you wanna read my other posts about what I’d done to my hair to get to this point, I’ve got links here:

The first one covers the initial step of using pure henna only to cover the gray. It’s not mentioned everywhere so I’m really glad I did a lot of reading before I got started. I know that no matter what you use to color your hair, grays tend to be the most challenging to talk into taking up the color and holding onto it. I don’t know why. I’m a gal who hates gray hair… not a chemist!

The second one covers step two, which was using a Henna/Indigo (henndigo) mix to go from being a redhead back to the brunette I’ve always been. I used a 50/50 mix, which was supposed to turn into a golden medium brown. What shocked me is that I pulled it off!! There’s so much I’d read that could have gone wrong… maybe I’ll finish up the week tomorrow with a post talking about that.

And please, feel free to comment about any experience(s) you’ve had using henna!! The more people know before doing this, the better in my book!

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Debi aka @GenXBrat

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