Time to Get It In Gear!! – I Just Joined The Awesomization Nation Challenge!
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Nicole Dean and The Awesomization Nation

The Awesomization Nation by Nicole Dean is starting!!

Are you looking to make some changes in your life? Not living the way you’d like to be? Is your business going the way you’d planned? Or have you been wanting to start your own business but just don’t know how? How about leaving a legacy when you go. Would you like people to remember the little things you did to help leave the world just a little better than you found it?

Sounds like a tall order right!?!

Why The Awesomization Nation?

Well, as most of you know, I broke my ankle back at the end of February (yep, 6 months ago). I’m still not able to put weight on it… hoping that will change next week!! But it’s given me a lot of time to think about what I want my life to be and why I do (or don’t do) many of the things I do.

Yep. Staring at the same four walls day after day and night after night for 6 full months definitely gives you time to think!!

Well, I was just gearing up for some changes once I got the “you can walk in your boot” go ahead, when my mentor and friend, Lynn Terry, posted a note in one of our groups about Nicole Dean’s Awesomization Nation Challenge that starts tomorrow.

I immediately got signed up!!

Given what I know about Nicole Dean, Lynn Terry, and many of the other people participating, I knew right away that this is where I wanna be for September. It’s tough to find people online who are honest, have integrity, and actually DO what they teach and mentor. In fact, I’ve spent years hunting them down and trying them out, and I’ve got a handful I can say that about with no doubts whatsoever. Nicole and Lynn alone would have gotten me into this! The others I see in the group that I’ll be learning with and from are just bonuses!!!

If you’re interested in making changes… in your life, your business, the world, or any combination of the above but you haven’t had the support or motivation to make it happen… feel free to sign up and come join in!! Right now it’s only $17!! And for that price, you won’t believe the incredible people you’ll have access to!

Putting Myself Out There to Reach My Potential

I’ve been working online for more than a few years. I’ve tested out a lot of ways you can earn money online, and narrowed my own focus to the few I enjoy the most. And for the past year, learning all I can about those few things has been what I’ve focused on learning more about.

Towards that end, I’ve worked with a few mentors that do what they teach and are good at it… which led me to this challenge. One of the first things they had us do before the first is jot down our goals for our life, our business, and the world. I’m putting them here as well. I know that the more people who know, the more accountable I’ll be to accomplishing them!!

My Goals

Life – I broke an ankle in February. My focus this month is getting back to walking normally, getting back to eating low carb/high fat to get rid of the weight I gained back, and then start getting healthier than I’ve ever been!

Business – Growing my audience by blogging consistently and continuing to build relationships via social media.

World – Get people to smile, laugh at themselves, and learn to take life less seriously, even during the rough patches… so they don’t miss out on the good times and positives!!

This is where I’m starting for the month of September. At the end of the 30 days, I’ll be able to see what I’ve accomplished, whether I need to make any adjustments, and what else I want to do to make sure I accomplish them!!

I can’t wait to see what happens!!

Do you have personal goals you haven’t met? Business ideas you haven’t accomplished? Wishes you’d love to see come true? Please feel free to put them out there in the comments. And if you’re looking for motivation to help get you there, go check out The Awesomization Nation and jump on in at any time if you think you can use what it offers!!

Take care,
Debi aka @GenXBrat

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