It’s Not a Strategy, It’s Just an Unusual Way of Doing Things
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Am I Normal? Define normal!I know I’m not the only one who does this kinda crap! The question is, how many others are willing to admit it?! LOL

I have a cleaning “strategy”. Ok, so it’s less of a strategy and more of a “this is how we do it” sort of outcome. There’s no planning involved… It. Just. Happen.

Here’s where it all started…

I went to the bathroom.
Saw that the garbage can was full. Pulled out the bag. No new bags underneath. I knew the one in my room was full too, so I went and got it. There were bags there. Went to the kitchen for more bags for the bathroom. Brought them back to my room and set up the trash.

Went to sit down.
Realized my water cup was out of ice. THAT. CAN’T. HAPPEN.
Went to get ice and as I passed the vaporizer, I remembered that I still need to run some vinegar water thru it (and my son’s) before I box them up. Set my cup down in the kitchen, got the vinegar. Set both vaporizers on the patio, added vinegar (note to self: add vinegar to shopping list) and plugged them in. Back to the kitchen for ice. Put ice in the cup.

Headed back to my room.
Realized that the water cooler jug was empty. Took off the empty and replaced it. When I picked up the full one I saw the cat was out of food. Filled up the cat bowl. Glanced outside and saw only one vaporizer was steaming so I went back to the kitchen for a bit of salt.

Back to the kitchen to wash my hands.
Decided brownies sounded good. So I grabbed a box of brownies, mixed them up (note to self: add cooking oil to shopping list). Put them in the oven. Got my ice water and went back to my room.

Sat down and realized my glasses were in the bathroom…. and that THAT’S where I’d started!!!

Now, as I said at the start… I KNOW I’m not the only person who does this sort of thing!!

So go ahead. Feel free to let it all out in the comments. Tell me how many circles and rooms do you do before you get back to where you started! Have you ever NOT made it back? I’d love to hear about it!!

Take care,
Debi aka @GenXBrat

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4 thoughts on “It’s Not a Strategy, It’s Just an Unusual Way of Doing Things

    1. I know there are people like that who exist… but they seem to be from an alternate universe. Or maybe it’s just us… but I’ll go with THEY’RE the abnormal ones!! LOL

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