Why Did You Eat Your Baby? Yes, Really!!
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I admit it… this was a new level of child speak for me!

I took the house munchkin out and about with me recently while her mom was in bed sick. While wandering the grocery store, she went about her usual routine of saying hi to everyone she passed (she doesn’t know what a stranger is).

Well, as we were “talking” to people, it was the usual conversation…

Munchkin: Hi!
Them: Well hi there! What’s your name?
Munchkin: Sammy.
Them: How old are you?
Munchkin: I’m 4.

And so it went thru the whole store… right until we got next to the pregnant lady in the deli section.

No, she did not eat the baby!

Toddler Conversation #1

Munchkin: Gramma, that lady has a big belly! (as she stood there staring and pointing at the gal).
Me (as I looked at the laughing lady): Yes she does Princess. That’s because she’s pregnant.

As I say that, it dawns on me that I don’t know if she’s ever seen a pregnant lady yet… so I tell her…

Me: Her tummy’s big because she has a baby inside there.
Munchkin… looks directly at the woman and says: Well why’d you eat it?

The lady and I both started laughing and I explained that she didn’t eat it… that it was growing inside her until it was ready to come out.

Munchkin (to the lady): Is the doctor gonna help you get it out?

We both laughed again. I told Sammy that the baby would let it’s mommy know when it was ready to get out and that then the doctor would help.

Seemed to be a good enough explanation for her… for now at least.

So I told the gal good luck with her pregnancy (she’d mentioned she has another at home who’s three and a half, so she completely understood the conversation she’d just had).

Then we headed over to get some sliced cheese for her… and of course we found another lady to talk to while I was finding what she wanted.

Toddler Conversation #2

Munchkin: I love your hair… it’s beautiful!
Lady: Well thank you!
Munchkin: What’s your name?
Lady: Melinda. What’s yours?

Munchkin: My name’s Sammy. How old are you?
Lady (giggles, hesitates, and finally answers): Um, 31.

Me (looking at the lady): Well you don’t really think that she doesn’t get to ask that when that’s what everyone she meets asks HER, do you!?! 🙂 🙂 🙂
Lady: Well no, I guess not! LOL

At this point I just stand around waiting to hear what that little girl’s gonna say next!!

Write down those cute and funny things your kids say, WHEN they say them. You will be really glad you did!!NOTE: There’s something I’d like to say as I celebrate my son’s 31st birthday tomorrow. If you have kids and/or grandkids, take the time to write down the funny things they say. Typically they’re only gonna say then once… and while you’ll remember laughing down the road, chances are you won’t remember what they actually said that made you all laugh. And they’d LOVE to hear the story!! So, please, take the time to write that cute, silly, fun stuff down!!

If you’re like me and still a bit “old-school”, you may wanna check this journal/diary out. I wish I’d had a book like this one handy, back when my son was little! (We didn’t have blogs back then!!) They have one for grandkids too! You can definitely put one together yourself too. I was just too busy back then and wouldn’t have… not if I coulda just bought one!

And tell me something if you get a minute…

I’m curious as to whether these types of conversations embarrass parents and/or grandparents. My mom and I never had issues with them, but I have friends that tell me they’re “just mortified!”. Maybe someone can tell me where that feeling comes from. After all, it’s the kids making the remarks!! (But my son says that’s why I don’t have issues with it… because I have the mouth filters of most toddlers). 🙂

Take care,
Debi aka @GenXBrat

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