I Survived the “Procedure”… I Think
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Once the surgical team is ready to do your procedure, you have no idea whats gonna happen!Yep. Last week I finally made it in to get that dreaded “procedure” done. You know the one… that procedure that no one wants to talk about… EVER!

Well, I’m not shy so here it is. Yes, I got a colonoscopy done. Go ahead. You can say it. I promise it wont hurt. But if you’re sitting at the dinner table, you may want to wait till later. Of course if you’re sitting at the dinner table, you shouldn’t be reading this anyway unless you’re alone. Otherwise it’s rude!! ๐Ÿ™‚

The Problem(s)

I, like most women who gave birth, developed hemorrhoids during my pregnancy (yes, I’m blaming my son for my butt issues… Call CPS).

Anyway, there was a time when he was around ten or so, that I few start acting up… bad enough that surgery was required. Not fun, but problem solved… or at least I thought.

But since I drive a truck for a living and sit on my ass so many hours at a time, I’d been having some minor issues over the past few years. Nothing major. Just the occasional bleeding here and there. Not anything that I would have bothered with, until the doctor said that magical phrase they just love to use… “Well, you ARE 50 now!”

And? What’s your point?!?

The point is I’ve already gone thru so much other testing for a baseline of my health, that they wanted to add this to the list I guess. And since I was having the occasional bleeding without other typical signs of hemorrhoids (pain, itching, burning and such), I thought it would be worth checking out rather than ignoring stuff until it’s too late!

The Results

So, last Saturday was the big day. Made it in… I just LOVE the drugs and not being able to remember what complete strangers are doing or saying to me… NOT!!

But, the good news is that everything is fine. No polyps or things attached inside that aren’t supposed to be. A few internal hemorrhoids (shocker right!?). But, at least now I know. AND, I don’t have to put my butt back on the line for at least another 10 years! ๐Ÿ™‚

The Problems

I was happy to find out, once the anesthesia wore off, that there weren’t any polyps or issues. That’s exactly what I was hoping for!

So what’s the problem? The problem is I haven’t felt back to “normal” since.

You know how you know what to expect from your body? Regardless of whether you’re feeling great or you’re sicker than a dog, you still know how YOUR body reacts to that crap right?

Well, my body’s a bit out of whack… and I’m not sure why… because the colonoscopy wasn’t the only thing going on that week.

Came home with an eye infection after my medical procedureFirst of all, I had a really bad chest cold going in… no fever, just a tight chest, sore throat and a severely dry and wheezing cough. So given that I had an eye infection and crap sealing one of my eyes closed for a few days? I just assumed that the cold had settled in.

Eye drops and rest seemed to have taken care of that.

Then there’s the bouts of nausea that seem to attack me unexpectedly… the “whenever the mood strikes” type illness. Nothing too overwhelming. Just enough to noticeably slow me down, which is unusual for me.

And, to top it all off… what appeared to start off as a bladder infection. That’s the one that bothers me most.

My usual treatments aren’t taking care of it so I went to Theranos yesterday and peed in a cup so I can find out exactly what’s causing it. Once I get the results back, I’ll at least know what else I may need to do to kick its ass!

In the meantime, I’m really happy with the fact that things were “normal” in regards to my colon. It’s not often I get called normal!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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