No More Stinky Dish Cloths!!
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I finally got a chance to talk to my girlfriend last week (seems like our time between chats gets longer all the time). We got talking about dishes and how they suck… Not because we like talking about dishes, but because my usual multitasking self was in the middle of washing mine while we were talking.

I told her I’d finally found some washcloths that clean really well without getting all stinky and smelly within a few days!

The Problems

If you’ve ever washed dishes, I’m guessing you know what I’m talking about. And if you don’t, you just haven’t washed enough of them yet! 🙂

You use a perfectly clean washcloth and once the dishes are done, you set it on the counter by the sink, and within a day or two when you go to use it again, it leaves a gosh-awful smell on your hands and all your dishes! I was going through probably eight or 10 washcloths a week, just because I didn’t use them that often!

And I don’t like doing laundry any more than I like doing dishes!

I’ve tried a lot of cloths over the years, but nothing really impressed me. There are so many things out there to wash your dishes with, but they all seem to have their own issues.

Scrubbers that scratch non-stick pans. Sponges that end up smelling worse than washrags. Scrubbing sponges that won’t let go of the icky foods you just scrubbed off your dishes. Sponges that disintegrate after using them a few times on semi-tough cleaning jobs. Or washcloths that hold onto oils and grease – NOT good when you live a low-carb, high fat lifestyle!

Looking for Solutions

But then last year, I signed up for a virtual “organize your kitchen” event that a friend hosted. I spent an entire weekend emptying all my cabinets and drawers… cleaning, organizing, throwing stuff away.

I figured out how to organize the mess in my kitchen and make it functional again. But I still had to deal with that stinky dishrag issue!!

I’d already bought a couple styles of dish cloths to test out, but I didn’t like either of them. The first one, called the Innovative Dish Washing Net Cloth had holes so large that they couldn’t hold soapy water. But after going back and reading again, I believe they’re meant to be scrubbers, not washers… and for that, they’d work really well. But since I don’t do a lot of scrubbing, I personally won’t be ordering more.

The other one, the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, sort of left me on the fence. It works REALLY well. But it just didn’t hold together for very long.

So I headed to Amazon (again) to see what other types of dish cleaners they had, fully expecting to have the same luck I’d already had in finding something useful.

Well, I was wrong! I found two that I’m just in love with… I ordered them seven months ago and haven’t had a stinky cloth yet!!

Finally – My Favorites

LUNATEC® Odor-Free Dishcloths.
They only come in a couple colors, but they’re incredibly functional and work great!
LUNATEC Odor-Free Dishcloths - fantastic for scrubbing and washing. They dry fast and never gunk up!


  • They hold onto dish soap really well (I wash a sink full of dishes with just a small amount of soap on the cloth).
  • They dry SUPER fast, which surprised me actually since I figured they’d hold onto water as well as they hold onto soap.
  • They hold up in the laundry as well as they do the kitchen.
  • They’re super light so they’d be awesome to throw in with my camping stuff… or even in a survival bag.
  • If you want a larger size, they also offer a Self-cleaning Travel Washcloth that comes in blue or grey. These actually come in two larger sizes, but the XL is more for bathing than dishes.
  • They have a loop on the corner so you can hang them up to dry.
  • Cons:

  • I personally don’t hang up my dishcloths so the loop on the corners aren’t functional for me. In fact, I cut them off because they kept flipping water on me while I was using them. (And I splash enough water on myself… I don’t need help!)
  • It only comes in two colors, green or yellow, so if you’re into matching decor, you may not like it (or you can buy the Travel Washcloth size instead if you prefer blue or grey).
  • Skoy Eco-friendly Cleaning Cloths.
    They come in several designs and colors and are more for washing and wiping down vs. scrubbing.
    Skoy Eco-friendly Cleaning Cloths - No more stinky washcloths!


  • They save money by replacing paper towels.
  • They hold up really well… in the kitchen AND the laundry.
  • They’re easy to rinse and reuse.
  • When they start to smell, which has taken weeks, you wet them down, microwave them for a minute, and you’re good to go! Note that I said WET THEM DOWN first… otherwise it may become the start of your kitchen fire rather than the tool for cleaning up AFTER one!!
  • Cons:

    Skoy wash cloths dont dry flat

  • They absorb better once they’re wet… weird, I know, but true.
  • It’s difficult to get stains out of them, even using bleach (especially soot left by kitchen fires… ask me how I know).
  • They don’t dry flat… they curl on the corners. So again, if you’re more into decor than functionality, you won’t like them.
  • What I Learned

    You know, I didn’t just wake up one morning and think, “Hey, I wonder if there’s a better way out there to wash dishes.” I hate washing dishes. In fact, that’s one of the biggest reasons I don’t like to cook!

    But I’m really glad I started looking for something better. Sometimes you get so used to living a certain way, you forget there are new things out there that may actually work better.

    Now that I’ve opened my mind to new things, if you know about other stuff that could possibly improve the functionality of my life, feel free to let me know in the comments!

    Take care,
    Debi aka @GenXBrat

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