It’s a Parents Job to Prevent Childhood Obesity!
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Active familyI’m so tired of hearing people talk about childhood obesity as if it’s some disease that just shows up in our kids as they grow… something that’s uncontrollable.

It IS controllable! And it’s our job as parents to be responsible enough to make sure it doesn’t afflict our children. We’re supposed to protect our kids… from as much as humanly possible.

And obesity is something that we CAN protect our children from… no excuses!

There’s a TON of information out there (no pun intended), and yet everyone tip toes around (or completely IGNORES) the fact that parents are to blame for the majority of obese children in America!

Like it or not (and yes, I AM a parent), it’s NOT the media, McDonalds, fast food advertising, the school gym program, Television, video games, or a slow metabolism that’s making your children fat.

It’s a parents inability to say “NO”.

That’s right! You’re the one who has control of the TV, the computer, what food comes into your home, whether your kids are active, and whether they eat at fast food restaurants.

YOU, as a parent, are the one who sets the example! So take a look at yourself…are you setting the example that will keep your children healthy and fit? If not, why not?!

No, I’m not advocating that you make your kids run 2 miles every day. Nor am I suggesting for one second that fast food or chocolate isn’t ok (cause I can tell you that I’m certainly not giving up MINE!).

What I am advocating is that you limit the “sit” time for your kids. Get off the couch, put on your damn shoes, and go for a 15-minute walk every day with them (believe it or not, if you start doing this, chances are you’re going to learn a lot more about your kids and their friends than you’ll EVER know any other way).

Kids aren’t born fat (and I don’t wanna hear about baby fat… that’s different… that’s out-growable). Kids are born healthy. They don’t have a taste or desire for sugar. They don’t dislike vegetables or what we as adults might consider “bland” foods.

We’re the ones who introduce them to it! It’s parents who put sugar-laden processed foods in front of our kids!

Again, I’m not saying that your kids should never have any of that stuff. The bottom line is that if you don’t introduce it to them, they’ll eventually have friends around who will.

So step up to the plate. Be the parent. Talk to them about food choices and health just like you talk to them about drugs, bullying, sex, and all those other things that make life dangerous for them (and if you’re not talking to them about THOSE topics yet… it’s about time to get on that one as well!).

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p.s. Supersized to SuperhealthyIf you’re not sure about how to get kids off to a healthy start, but you’re ready to admit that you’re part of the problem, now’s as good a time as any to start doing online research and find out. Who knows, it may help you out as well. And my money’s on the fact that it can definitely strengthen relationships. I know, cause I’ve done it with my own family.

Oh, and you might wanna check out “Supersized to Superhealthy“. From what I’ve read so far, it’s really easy to understand, and it got great reviews from real-life parents who have overweight kids that they want to protect.

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2 thoughts on “It’s a Parents Job to Prevent Childhood Obesity!

    1. Yes! It doesn’t take that much effort since kids don’t start out obese.

      I realize that there are health issues that parents may not be able to control, but it’s certainly NOT the case for the majority of obese children (or adults) out there nowadays. Thanks for stopping by Shaun!
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