Aging – Can We Get a Pass on SOMEthing?!
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Annoyed WomanAs I’m adding hair color to my list of things to get at the store, it crosses my mind (yet again) that somewhere along the way, we should get a break.

After all, we’ve spent an entire lifetime dealing with age-appropriate issues.

Acne, menstruation, cramps, pregnancy, childbirth, insomnia and more. All this before the age of 40.

And then, when you finally get to that age and are ready to eliminate some of those things, life has the nerve to hand you a few more!

Vision issues (congratulations, you now have presbyopia!) Joint issues (yep, that would be because your knees are wearing out). Insomnia (so sorry, but you ARE over 40 now). Gray hair (well, I hate it as I’ve mentioned before, but at least there’s hair color for that!)

And don’t even get me started on the whole perimenopause my doctor just discussed with me this year!

I’ve been dealing with dehydration issues that have continually worsened since 1998. This past year, it’s gotten so bad that I now have Gatorade in every room of the house and I never leave home without it.

When I drive, I take medication for my bladder. The constant vibration of the truck has a nasty habit of causing bladder spasms (not exactly my idea of a good time). One of the main side effects of the medication is dehydration and overheating.

Well, it seems that those side effects, combined with the perimenopause, is the reason that I’ve been having more and more episodes of profuse sweating, nausea, and vomiting… oh joy!

So tell me something. At what age are we EVER going to get a break on SOMEthing!?

Can you keep the wrinkles to yourself? Can you stop making my hair feel like I’m related to the scarecrow? Can you eliminate the mind fog that keeps me from being able to remember the name of the damn show that the scarecrow was in?!

Good gosh!! Why can’t we just pick 3 to 5 symptoms that we’re willing to tolerate after the age of 50? I think we’ve been through enough in our lives to deserve it!

I mean really! 

Have you ever felt like this or do you simply accept these things as something that’s inevitable?

I’ve never been one to simply accept the things that happen to me. And when it comes to aging, I put up even more of a fight. In fact, I’ve always been that way even before the over 40 stuff started.

My mom was frustrated for quite a while because I refused to turn 30. When my 40th came around, I simply stopped counting and stayed at 38 (look, we both know that the whole 29 and 39 thing is oh so obvious!)

My doctors find it amusing that I can’t tell them how old I am without doing the math. Hey, I gave them my birth year. If they need to know so bad they can do the math!

I’m off to find out what other products are out there to make my anti-aging war efforts more productive.

Wishing you the best,

p.s. Of course I’m always looking for products. So if you have any anti-aging products that you swear by and love, please share them with me in the comments so I can check them out!


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