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Hummingbirds – Like Big Bees but More Fun!
Sparkling Violetear Hummingbird on a wire

We’ve got hummingbirds! You know, those tiny little birds that flap their wings at a million miles a second. Ok, so maybe that’s an exaggeration. But they DO flap their…

You May Wanna Check That Your Children Know Their Names!
It's important for kids to know their names so they can put them at the top of their school papers!

It seems like a simple concept right? Kids know their names… especially if they’ve already learned to write… right? Not necessarily… My son was in first grade when I found…

Mom’s Meatloaf For Christmas!

I asked my son what he wanted for Christmas dinner… game hens again (that’s what we had for Thanksgiving but they really weren’t that good this time around), ham, chicken or meatloaf (it’s his grandma’s recipe).

He chose meatloaf. I’m good with that!

This is the original recipe I got from my mom. She made it for us as far back as I can remember. She was a single mom of two. And even when she was with my stepdad, she still had to make food stretch because he came with two sons that moved in as well.

Living Life One Mile at a Time – A Trucker’s Lifestyle
Peterbilt 279 - The first big rig I drove

If you were looking for a job, and this is what the description was, would you apply?

Job Requirements:

Must be available a minimum of 70 hours per week, at any time of day or night.

If circumstances beyond our control occur, you may need to remain at your desk an additional 24-48 hours.

Your compensation will be between 24 and 38 cents per minute, but only for those minutes that you are in motion.

The Line Between Keepsakes and Hoarding
Latest news about how GenXBrat plans to take over the world

I’m in the process of “getting my life together”… as if that’s a surprise right?! The real question is, “What the hell does that mean!?”

For me, that entails quite a few different things. I want more room in my home which requires that I declutter, more time to focus on the things that matter which requires that I get this stuff done, and the peace of mind that when I die, my son knows what the hell is here which requires that I get organized! But I keep putting these things off because life is happening. But this is ABOUT my life so it’s time to get it together!

True Stories: Stop Jumping There Before You Get Hurt!
The Granddaughter - Always on the Go!

The latest and greatest… she’s smart, she’s 4, and she’s always on the move…

Monday. Granddaughter’s playing “don’t touch the floor”. So she’s jumping from the bed to the cooler in the corner.

Grampa: Don’t do that. You’re gonna fall and get hurt.
GD: Ok grampa….

Who Bought You Flowers?
You Seriously Didnt Notice

I want to share with you a glimpse into my personal relationship. We’re dating. We’re not dating. We used to date and now… Aw hell! For the sake of this post, I’m just gonna leave it at “It’s complicated.”


Weird Family Conversations… Roadkill & Armadillos
Animated Armadillo - Why do they always land on their backs?

I’ve seen a lot of roadkill over the years as a driver… deer, fox, wolves, skunks, raccoon and more. They’re not always recognizable.

But of all the roadkill I’ve passed, the most curious are armadillos.

Mom Thought… How Will I Survive?

My son just let me know he’s moving 700 miles away from me at the end of July. Kindergarten was easy…. now… I can’t breathe…. Shouldn’t this become easier as…

Loving all My Personalities…Group Hug!!
Multiple smileys

My son thinks I have several people living inside me… and not all of them are sane. He’s probably right…but as I’ve explained to him, as long as they all keep communicating with each other we’ll be fine… =)

I’ve always had people telling me I’m crazy. Not in a “call the men in the white coats” kinda way. It’s more of the “I can’t believe she just did/said that!” kinda way.

I think I’m just not willing to give up my inner child. And as an adult, you can’t make me! 🙂 …

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