Some Fathers Make Better Uncles – Mine is One of Those
Better as an uncle than a father - but who really cares why?

Yes I know… uncles get to be more fun because the nieces and nephews aren’t their own kids. But that’s not what I’m talking about. My father has four kids… but as far as I know, I was the only one he abused (mom divorced him before he ever had a chance to do the same to my brother).

My father sucked as a dad… at least as mine… he was scary, abusive, and hurtful.

Henna Hair Dye – Lessons I Learned
My Henna Hair Dye Experiment - Start to Finish

I wasn’t sure when it was that I first started looking into how to use henna hair dye, so I checked my email to see when I’d ordered it. It was July of last year.

I’ve spent hours and hours reading different websites so I could reduce the “turn my hair green” factor once I decided to dye my hair. Given how well it turned out, I’m glad I took the time.

If you’re new to using henna hair dye and considering giving it a try, I highly suggest you do the same thing… unless of course you don’t mind having green (or some other weird color) hair for a while!

My Henna Hair Dye Experiment – 24 Hours Later
My Henna Hair Dye Experiment - 24 Hours Later

Obviously we’re on a “let’s discuss my hair” week. It’s not something I planned, but this whole henna dye thing was something that I found scary as well as fascinating. So I figured I’d let you know (and document for my future attempts) what’s going on with it.

So why am I still talking about it 24 hours later? Because I’d read that, unlike chemical hair dyes, henna hair dyes take time to process… yep, it’s a bit strange to me too! But it’s true!

Did I Mention I Was Blonde… Once?
From medium brown to a blonde I didn't want in 45 minutes flat!

While I was doing my henna hair experiment this past weekend, I remembered the one time (thankfully VERY long ago) when I’d gone completely blonde.

When I was younger, I occasionally decided to highlight my hair… summer was always a good time for it. Lemon juice was originally what I used, until the SunIn hair lightener hit store shelves (lemon in a bottle)!

My Henna Hair Dye Experiment – My Hair Isn’t Green!!
After adding Indigo to pure henna, you can dye your hair to a medium brown.

I just finished step two of dying my hair using a 50/50 mix of pure henna and indigo (also known as henndigo).

If you read the first post I did covering step one, you know that my hair had turned a very pretty shade of orange (I never did understand why they called my brother a redhead… IT’S ORANGE!).

My Henna Hair Dye Experiment – Let’s Get This Party Started!
This is what gray does to my medium brown hair... time for it to be gone!

Well today’s the day. I just finished slathering my hair in pure Henna. It’s step one to covering the gray, and step one to becoming the redhead I’ve NEVER wanted to be!

It’s ok. I learned from all my research that using pure Henna as a first step will help a lot to cover the gray I hate so much.

Hummingbirds – Like Big Bees but More Fun!
Sparkling Violetear Hummingbird on a wire

We’ve got hummingbirds! You know, those tiny little birds that flap their wings at a million miles a second. Ok, so maybe that’s an exaggeration. But they DO flap their…

You May Wanna Check That Your Children Know Their Names!
It's important for kids to know their names so they can put them at the top of their school papers!

It seems like a simple concept right? Kids know their names… especially if they’ve already learned to write… right? Not necessarily… My son was in first grade when I found…

After Washing a Sink Full of Dishes…
I always end up looking like this when done washing dishes!

Why do always end up looking like this? Am I the only one who gets as much water on myself as I get on the dishes?! Take care, Debi aka…

Mom’s Meatloaf For Christmas!

I asked my son what he wanted for Christmas dinner… game hens again (that’s what we had for Thanksgiving but they really weren’t that good this time around), ham, chicken or meatloaf (it’s his grandma’s recipe).

He chose meatloaf. I’m good with that!

This is the original recipe I got from my mom. She made it for us as far back as I can remember. She was a single mom of two. And even when she was with my stepdad, she still had to make food stretch because he came with two sons that moved in as well.

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