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Ankle Surgery #2 – Guess He Wanted to Give Me Another Run At It!
Broken ankle surgery #2 - From over-reduced to starting over.

My orthopedic surgeon (OS) did my second surgery on Tuesday afternoon to correct his over-correction. His physician assistant (PA) said he came out of the room looking really pleased and…

Broken Ankle – Independent to Useless in One Step
Broken Ankle (Bimalleolar Fracture) - From Break to Splint

So many of you have asked where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to. I’m finally coherent enough to explain.

On February 26, I fell off the back of my pickup truck and broke my ankle… both bones in my left foot plus a torn ligament. In less than one minute, my life was turned upside down. Not as bad as some people’s, because I know I have friends tackling much worse things, but it’s definitely taken a turn for the worse.

A Day at the Park (Broken Ankle and All)
Riverview Park in Mesa AZ

I went to the park yesterday with my man and his grandkids.

Since I broke my ankle, they’ve come to visit and we hang out at the house drawing. And each time the get here, they ask me when if I’m still hurt.

Today when they came over, I let them know I finally got permission to walk (6 days ago), but that I was going to be slow for a bit still.

No More Stinky Dish Cloths!!
LUNATEC Odor-Free Dishcloths - fantastic for scrubbing & washing. They dry fast and never gunk up!

I finally got a chance to talk to my girlfriend last week and we got talking about dishes and how they suck… Not because we like talking dishes, but because my usual multitasking self was in the middle of washing mine while we were talking.

I told her I’d finally found some wash cloths that clean really well without getting all stinky and smelly within a few days!

I Survived the “Procedure”… I Think
Once the surgical team is ready to do your procedure, you have no idea whats gonna happen!

Yep. Last week I finally made it in to get that dreaded “procedure” done. You know the one… that procedure that no one wants to talk about… EVER!

Well, I’m not shy so here it is. Yes, I got a colonoscopy done. Go ahead. You can say it. I promise it wont hurt. If you’re sitting at the dinner table, you may want to wait till later. Of course, if you’re sitting at the dinner table, you shouldn’t be reading this anyway unless you’re alone. Otherwise it’s rude!! 🙂

McAfee Says My Blog is Malicious – With No Clear Way to Dispute It!
McAfees Red X of Death on my GenXBrat blog

Back in October of last year, my blog got hacked. At that point, I thought @McAfee Site Advisor was a useful tool, since the warning that suddenly popped up saying that my blog was malicious.

I spent the next two weeks getting my blog set back up… installation of backup files, password changes, file cleanup and more.

But the popups keep showing up that say my blog’s malicious, even though everything has been fixed.

Guess What I’m Doing This Saturday – Nope, It’s NOT Gonna Be Fun!
Seems age 50 is the magic number when they want you to get your colon checked out. For those like me, who dont have xray vision, heres what it looks like!

If you know what this is an x-ray of, you’re probably over the age of 50, know someone who is, or have possibly had colon issues.

I had a colonoscopy done in my late 20’s or early 30’s. I don’t remember a single thing I can list as fun! I do remember the doctor explaining to me how most people’s colons go up, across, and back down, but that there are a few select people (I’m a lucky one amongst them!) who have a colon that, instead of going straight across behind our hearts, it does this little loop-de-loop type thing. He said he’d really love to have a chance to do a study on it.

Unemployed… Again
I doubt pretty much everything they tell us in the trucking industry!

Got up this morning and was waiting for our boss to send us pickup information. Instead, we got a phone call that the company owner was going to shut the Phoenix terminal down.

He says it’s only for about 45 days. But he’s been telling us a ton of stuff since August when the terminal opened that he hasn’t followed thru on, so there’s really no reason to believe that’s going to change now.

Tortilla Rollups (Low Carb Style) – A Favorite Finger Food!
Low carb tortiilla wraps - These are great for game days, holidays, and parties!

Even in my “I hate to cook” home, I don’t mind making these… for several reasons. First, there’s ZERO cooking involved so there’s zero chance I’ll burn it! Second, they’re…

Some Fathers Make Better Uncles – Mine is One of Those
Better as an uncle than a father - but who really cares why?

Yes I know… uncles get to be more fun because the nieces and nephews aren’t their own kids. But that’s not what I’m talking about. My father has four kids… but as far as I know, I was the only one he abused (mom divorced him before he ever had a chance to do the same to my brother).

My father sucked as a dad… at least as mine… he was scary, abusive, and hurtful.

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